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Creating Circles & Ceremonies
Rituals for All Seasons and Reasons
      Oberon Zell-Ravenheart and
      Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart
publisher: New Page Books/ a divison of Career Press
ISBN: 1-56414-864-5

This book is fascinating! Its filled with rituals, spells, poetry, songs, and is illustrated well.  I feel this book would be a valuable tool to any pagan.  My one complaint is because it is so jam packed, the font is so small it is difficult for me to read even with my bifocals.   I would hope that the publisher would consider doing a second version of it larger print for those crones and sages of us who have a bit of trouble with seeing.

5 wands
Breanna Phoenix
Gemstone Reflexology
Nora Kircher
Healing Arts Press
Inner Traditions

This book has very clear illustrations of where the pressure points are and distinct information on how to choose the correct gemstone to do the job. I found the recipes for healing oils an added bonus.

This book would be a valuable tool to anyone wishing to work with gems and healing. I would love to have someone try this on me. Especially the things to reduce the pain in the back.

4 Wands

Breanna Phoenix
Spiritual Journaling
Writing Your Way to Independence
Julie Tallard Johnson
Inner Traditions

This is a tool that I, as a writer and poet and Poetry Therapist, will use often. The format is easy to read with frequent quotes and little tidbits of trivia both interesting and useful. The last section, Thunder Wisdom, could very easily have been the first. Just when you are at the point of ending the book, there are the keys to beginning your own writing. The author says "Write Where You Are".

This book is on my list of picks for Yule Gifts.

5 wands

Brenda Roberts,
Poet/Author of
A Cold North Wind, Psychosis,
The Poor Man's Cookbook