Everything for a Reason
by Brenda Roberts
Part 6

Connie and Claudette were sitting in the small break room/conference room behind the main lobby of the office.  Claudette had brought a small gift for June's baby.  It was amazing the compassion that she had shown since finding out what was going on in Connie's home life. She had actually covered for Connie a couple of times when Connie was at the now weekly doctors visits.

Two weeks had passed and Connie had found a pediatrician and had been taking June to Lamaze classes.  June thought it a big game to "breathe funny" and roll on the floor.

"Last night was June's last class wasn't it?" Claudette asked as she handing Connie a large package wrapped in Pokemon paper.

"Oh June is going to love this package!" Connie exclaimed before answering the question. "Yes last night was the last night for the 'breathing funny games,' I just hope when the time comes that June will remember how to do the breathing."

While they were in the break room, all three of the partners came in with packages of varying sizes. Claudette excused herself to watch the office for a few moments.  The other secretaries from the floor came in and brought a  small baby shower cake and the tall redheaded Katie came in and handed Connie an envelope filled with cash and coupons for baby items like diapers and formula.

"We know that June is the one having the baby physically, but the baby is going to be yours in a greater sense and we wanted you to know that you have friends here that you can turn to if you need help. You'll find in that package of coupons some hand written ones -- each of us have given you a night off coupon and we will come to your house and take June to a movie, or bring some movies and games and watch June and the baby to give you a break."

Connie looked at each of them in turn with an awed expression and suddenly the dam of emotions broke and she shed the tears that she had been holding in for so long. She managed a whispered "Thank you all" before jumping up and running for the bathroom.

Teresa Williams and Tabitha Jones, two of the three partners followed her to the bathroom a few minutes later.  Teresa said "Connie, while you are here alone we have some things to discuss with you."

Tabitha Jones stood with her back against the door to prevent anyone walking in on the discussion.  She always looked so grim that many of the clients were reluctant to have her represent them. "Connie," Tabitha's soft voice belied the Amazonian image she projected. "We have a court hearing coming up.  The young man's lawyer has requested it be held within the next two weeks. We know that will be about the time June is in the hospital and will not be able to be there. Nor will you."

Teresa interjected. "If you will agree, we have prepared a temporary power of attorney, limited to representing June and you in court in case it isn't postponed."

"What are they thinking!" Connie expelled an exasperated breath.  "Are they trying to make it more difficult?"

"Tab and I will handle them, you don't let this worry you."  Teresa smiled at Connie.  "Madeline is going down to file the papers as soon as we have your okay. Since she is your direct boss it wouldn't be ethical for her to handle it personally, but there is nothing saying we can't."

Tabitha handed a draft of the limited power of attorney papers to Connie and said "Come on Tessa, lets let her have a few minutes to digest this and we'll go eat that cake that Katie's group brought."

Connie looked after them and smiled through the remainder of the tears that threatened to fall.  All this time of feeling alone and she, for the very first time, she felt like she had friends.  She had a support system.

to be continued...

Winter Poetry
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