A Philosopher's Cookbook
    by Timothy J. Neboyskey
    Cover Design by Gerry Prich
    Published by SynergEbooks
Review by Brenda Roberts
author of A Cold North Wind, Psychosis and
The Poor Man's Cook Book

A Philosopher's Cookbook is a collection of poems written mostly in free verse.  The tone of the poetry is spiritual.  The book is divided in six sections. All but one are named for food as in a cookbook, the exception is a poem called Dad. Some characteristics of these poems are a) they are generally 2 to 3 pages in length or more b) they are very Christian oriented and c) many of the poems use the archaic forms of thee, thou, and ye in their text making some of them seem awkward to read. My favorite poems are: Design and Lessons.

These poems are meant to be read and savored slowly. This is not a book to be ingested at one sitting.

3 wands
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